EL AS: "Guardians of the Constitution" set up dozens of cells all over Greece

The Hellenic Police (EL.AS) released the first results of an investigation into the Guardians of the Constitution social movement, which claims they are protecting the country from “evil authorities who want to vaccinate everyone.”

Cells of up to 100 self-proclaimed “Guardians of the Constitution” are located in Attica, Thessaloniki, Pieria, Lesvos, Crete and other parts of the country, according to an investigation by the Greek Security Service.

Below we publish the data created on the basis of the first part of the report on the investigation of the criminal case against the self-proclaimed organization called “Guardians of the Constitution”, which the Greek prosecutor’s office opened a month ago. The report addresses issues related to mapping active members of the organization, the events in which they took part, and the posts they published on social networks in order to establish and prove the connection between them, and coordinate their actions from a single center. At the end of the first part of the investigation, the authorities say they have evidence that a criminal organization is behind the Guardians of the Constitution, committing illegal acts, and therefore the investigation may take a new turn.

The data of the investigators show that the core of the organization consists of 15 people who are a kind of analogue of the “politburo” and are fighting with each other for who will become the main one. Among them stands out a woman, a martial arts instructor, as well as one who positions himself as a legislator and, presumably, is an excellent connoisseur of the constitution.

Nearly a month after the incident with the kidnapping of the principal of the high school in Eginio (Pieria), which led to the arrest and pre-trial detention of some criminals, the investigation of the Security Service revealed something else. During the holidays, the “Guardians of the Constitution” and their groups stopped everything: from raids on schools, hospitals, police stations to posts on social networks with military exercisesheld in different parts of the country. As a security official with knowledge of the investigation told the media, “the fear of being arrested and charged with serious crimes, even going to prison, has led them to lay down their arms at this stage.”

“Criminal Organization”

The leading role in the search for the “runaways” was assumed by the State Security Department of Greece, which forms the evidence for the criminal case. Initially, a plan was drawn up for immediate detection and rapid intervention in cases where members of groups such as the Guardians of the Constitution or their combat cells carry out raids and violent incidents, such as the kidnapping of the principal of a high school in Pieria.

However, as it turned out, thanks to the “expert” of the constitution, it turned out to be more difficult to attract the “guardians”, although there was information about the escalation of their actions. As a result, this did not happen, and now the main issue of the authorities is the formation of cases on charges of a criminal nature, such as kidnapping, against all those involved in such incidents.


When the “Guardians of the Constitution” crossed all boundaries, capturing and beating the director 1st high school Eginio Pieria, State Security analysts began to map a specific group. As it turns out, three of those who are now fighting for the position of the leader of the “keepers” first appeared in the “zealots”, in the early years of the economic crisis and the memorandum, trying to recruit people to come to power. Then they started working with a notorious political swindler Artemis Sorras. Then they started a new course, gathering people and getting subscriptions against the backdrop of the so-called. billions of Sorras, and appeals to citizens not to pay taxes.

However, the arrest of their leader and his going to jail forced some of them to start a new fight, this time in the background Macedonia and Prespansky agreements. Pandemic The coronavirus has forced them to change their narrative and focus furiously on vaccinations, protective measures and mask use.

Of the group singled out by the authorities, some come from a community that calls itself “native Greeks”. Others from the extreme right, some of them came from the now banned “Golden Dawn” and parties Elias Kasidiaris. The role of a woman who looks very tough, mainly uses Facebook and certain groups to attract people, is also considered crucial.

In contrast to the three individuals who are presented as the leaders of the group, there is also said to be a man who stands as “the sole legitimate supreme legislator of the trinity, calling himself the ‘national judge’.” This man, who looks like a copy of Artemis Sorras, keeps a low profile, while he is a great specialist in attracting new adherents of the movement. On the site, he presented his own proposal for the currency, while making a dozen options for behavior.

Cell leaders

The state security is aware of 15 individuals living in different parts of Greece and occupying various key roles in the self-proclaimed group “Guardians of the Constitution”. Those who are hierarchically below the alleged leaders became known to the investigators of the prosecutor’s office, the department of state security and cybercrime. And now, through them, the authorities find out whether they have close contacts and communication with each other, whether they coordinate actions, and who is in charge of a single headquarters located in Northern Greece. In addition, the goal of the authorities is to cut off the leaders of the organization from ordinary members in order to stop the military training of the adherents of the organization.

Among the 15 “members of the Politburo” stands out a woman who maintains contact with the three alleged leaders, and constant posts on social networks, according to the authorities, “sows discord, hatred and lies.” Three people clash with each other over who will be the leader, while the role of about 10 people leading local cells in Crete, Lesbos, Thessaloniki and other cities, mainly in Northern Greece, is considered decisive.

It is known that a specific person has come to the attention of the special services, who pretends to be an instructor in “civil and forest warfare”, who claims that the time is coming when the “guardians” will need to take up arms.

The Attorney General’s Cybercrime Unit is investigating two sites and about 30 profiles and groups on Facebook and other social networks that have high traffic and collect comments from various users across the country with extremist views and dangerous behavior.


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