Austria introduces mandatory vaccination for adults

From February 1, all residents of Austria over the age of 18 will have to be vaccinated – a new law comes into force, according to which vaccination against coronavirus becomes mandatory.

True, they will not be fined at first – they will begin to punish for refusing to vaccinate from March 15. But the amount of financial impact is tangible, you will have to pay from 600 to 3600 euros, according to the Austrian publication PULS 24. The only consolation for the “evaders” is that the law does not provide for a prison term.

The mandatory vaccination requirement, as stated in the document, will be in effect until January 31, 2024. The exception is children under 18, pregnant women, citizens with medical contraindications.

In Greece, from today, from Monday, residents over 60 years oldwho remain unvaccinated will be required to pay a fine. With some exceptions. In January, as announced, the fine will be 50 euros, as it is half a month. From February, for each month, unvaccinated elderly will pay a fine of 100 euros per month.

For the time being, the decision on mandatory vaccination of all those who over 50 years old. However, this issue is being discussed, and a decision on it will be announced in the very near future.


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