March 31, 2023

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Rampant crime in the era of quarantine

According to Greek law enforcement agencies, in 2020, during the long lockdown period, 2,541 robberies were committed by 37 gangs who carried out these criminal acts, while receiving booty of 2.5 million euros.

The majority of organized crime groups committed street robberies (47% of the total), mainly against pedestrians, car drivers, food deliveries, minors and the elderly.

Another 43% of attacks occurred in stores and businesses such as gas stations, OPAP stores, convenience stores, kiosks and pharmacies. Also, 10% of robbery attacks occurred during months of lockdown in nursing homes.

About 71% of those arrested have a criminal record. Of these, 62% are Greeks, and 65% of them are members of the so-called “gypsy mafia”, whose share in the criminal field is constantly growing.

Gangs made up of foreigners and looting homes are still dominated by Albanian criminals (65%), followed by Algerians with 14%, as well as citizens of Ukraine, Pakistan and Romania (7%), writes

These are just some of the data recorded in the EL.AS documents. and presented to the public in the Sunday newspaper “Το Βήμα της Κυριακής”. According to official information, the article outlines the activities of the gangs – on robbery, fraud, extortion, trafficking in weapons and explosives – and the conclusions made by the Greek police on the situation in the country.


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