September 27, 2023

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Greece is the 6th best country to live in 2022

A new study ranks Greece 6th in terms of “best country to live abroad in 2022”. The rating was compiled to familiarize citizens of Europe and the United States who want to move to another state, and they have many options to choose from.

The insurance company’s study looked at a number of factors such as happiness and well-being, health benefits, climate conditions, employment opportunities and quality of life to determine which countries offer the most benefits.

In the health care category, which includes life expectancy, number of hospitals, hospital beds per 1,000 inhabitants, deaths from COVID-19, and number of doctors per 1,000 inhabitants, Greece ranks 6th.

Which countries are ahead of Greece

The first in the ranking was Japan, with a score of 7.89 with an excellent score of 10. South Korea was in second place with a score of 7.74, Austria was in third place (7.55), Lithuania was fourth (7.37), and Germany was fifth ( 7.32) and Greece is in sixth place with a score of 7.25. The top ten also includes France, the Czech Republic, Portugal and China.

Japan tops the list of countries with the highest life expectancy in the world, with an average life expectancy of 84.4 years compared to the global average of 78.14 years.

The second and third places are occupied by South Korea and Austria. The former also ranks second in terms of percentage of hospitals (one hospital for every 24.19 km).


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