‘She was drugged and raped’ – 24-year-old lawyer

In recent hours, social media has exploded over a post about the rape of a 24-year-old girl in Thessaloniki who complains of being raped by three men on New Year’s Eve at a party hosted in a famous hotel room.

The case has received a lot of attention on social media. Their users are accused of involvement in the incident businessmen from Athens, as well as the owners of a restaurant in Thessaloniki.

The girl testified at the fifth interrogation on Friday evening, almost two weeks after filing a police report. She is in a difficult psychological condition. In statements to ERT, the victim’s lawyer, Athanasios Ziogas, said of the incident that he is in the hands of justice and the matter is sensitive because it contains personal data about the commission of criminal acts.

The lawyer emphasized that the defendants drugged the girl with sleeping pills and then raped her: “3 people who were in the hotel room claim rape. The girl was there, following the advice of people she knew and trusted. There were other girls there,” he added.

“She claims that there was sleeping pills in her drink, she drank a large dose and the subsequent happened against her will, without her consent,” the lawyer told ERT. He also emphasized that the 27-year-old businessman, who is accused of rape, admitted that it was he who was with the victim that night, but claimed that everything was with her consent.

I won’t refuse, the girl says

“I won’t refuse.” This phrase was repeatedly said by the victim to the lawyer Athanasios Ziogas in the office of the investigator, reports ThessToday. Deeply shocked, she is determined to fight to make those responsible pay for the violence.

“You understand that the girl is psychologically unstable. She is still in a state of shock because such an act humiliates the personality of a young girl,” said her lawyer, Athanasios Ziogas. “She is modest and very reserved. But I am amazed by the fact that she does not give up. The culprits must be identified. Some cannot remain hidden for long. And our role is to expose them and find the root of evil,” he stressed.

What started the scandal

Two weeks after the complaint was filed, and after the 27-year-old Athenian was arrested for rape, taken to the prosecutor’s office and released under restrictive conditions, a post on social networks provokes a new round of claims against the owners of the establishment who organized the scandalous party.

Έχουν φωνή βέβαια τα θύματα και όλους εμας με το μέρος τους.
Το victim blaming πρέπει να σταματήσει τώρα και να στηρίξουμε την 24χρονη.
Οι βιαστές να οδηγηθούν στη φυλακή όπου και ανήκουν #metooGR #Θεσσαλονίκη #βιασμος #καμια_μονη pic.twitter.com/exMRetO6kd

— Ειρήνη A♥️ (@blublu21_) January 15, 2022

“Victims and we all have a voice. Victim blaming must stop now and we must support the 24-year-old girl. Rapists go to jail where they belong.”

Και πως βρέθηκε στη σουίτα του ξενοδοχείου η 24χρονη? Θα πρέπει κάποιος να γνωρίζει όλα τα γεγονότα προτού βγάλει συμπέρασμα. https://t.co/HG7mM0BhHM

— Androulla Vassiliou (@VassiliouEU) January 15, 2022

Η 24χρονη παρουσιάζεται αποφασισμένη να φτάσει την υπόθεση ως το τέλος. #θεσσαλονικη #βιασμος #newsbombgrhttps://t.co/oMuuPQ8KLZ

— newsbomb.gr (@newsbombgr) January 15, 2022

“It looks like the girl is determined to see it through to the end.”

Those who are older ask why she ended up in a hotel room with men at night. “And how did the girl end up in the hotel room? Before jumping to conclusions, you need to know all the facts.”

Rape confession via Instagram

It is noted that the young man admitted that it was he who invited the girl to the party and even apologized to her. In his post, he mentioned that he was among those who organized a party in a hotel room and invited a few more girls. He also adds that “at night, the situation changed, resulting in irreparable suffering for a girl I know. The least I can say is that I owe a huge apology.”

And although on the same day the profile of the young man who posted the post on Instagram was closed, the topic has already become viral and has grown like a snowball on Instagram and Twitter.

How did it happen.

On New Year’s Eve, a party was organized in the suite of the famous hotel, which was attended by young people – men and women. The girl, who came to the party at the invitation of a friend, woke up the next morning naked and in the wrong room, in which she was originally, according to her, she lost consciousness. She then contacted a friend, whom she stated that she had been raped. She went to the police and wrote a statement.

The police arrested a 27-year-old boy, as well as another young man, as the organizer of the party, who were taken to the prosecutor’s office and released on bail, and appropriate fines were imposed for organizing the party.

Former employee: he constantly harassed employees

According to ThessToday.gr, the guy in question is a businessman working in the catering industry. He has an establishment located in the very center of Thessaloniki. A former employee of the company complains to ThessToday.gr that one of the accused in the past showed similar behavior, harassed young employees who, in order not to deal with him, asked their partners to accompany them home after the end of the shift.

“I saw a lot of strange manifestations, like slaps on the ass and all that. This happened to all employees. Especially when he was drunk, he almost always became “anxious”. I remember a girl who, out of fear, asked her boyfriend to come for her after work was over, – emphasizes a former employee of the company. “When I once asked one of the employees what was going on and how you endure all this, they passed on what I said to the owner, and within a week I was fired.”

The violent reaction to what happened on social networks continues. Despite the fact that the institution has disabled comments on social networks, many are asking for a public outcry of the company, and some even comment under the posts: “Why don’t you say anything about rape?”.


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