Metropolitan Ambrose on his position on vaccination in an address to the EOC Synod

Yesterday, January 14, former Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta addressed the synod of the EOC. He asked to be considered a “madman in Christ” because he did not understand the need for vaccination.

Metropolitan Ambrose, according to the publication “Romfeya”, writes in an address to the synod of the Greek Church that “it seems that due to his age” he is subject to “loss of reason, correct thinking and correct actions”, because he “did not understand the need or importance of the COVID vaccine -19”, which the synod “strongly recommended” on its own behalf. The Lord explains his position:

“With special attention, I, unworthy, observe how many of you, Orthodox hierarch brothers, often and many characterize those who refuse to take the vaccine, either because they simply hesitate, or because they are afraid of it. devastating side effects, or because they consider the coronavirus vaccine a trick of the devil and the creation of the dark forces of globalism to destroy human society. Some of you, brethren in the Lord, have given me various titles, calling me a leper, a fratricide, a paranoiac, a dark one, and a backward one. All this is deserved, but I am surprised and amazed that you did not think to give me the title of “madman”, that is, crazy. Therefore, I choose it for myself and add it to the list of my honorary titles. And I declare to you that I consider it a special honor and blessing to be for you “a fool for Christ’s sake!”

Metropolitan Ambrose recalled that the “body of the Hierarchy” (the synod of the EOC) rejected him, and stated that, despite this, he ranks fourth in seniority among all the hierarchs of the EOC, since he became a bishop in 1976. Only three bishops were ordained before him: Metropolitan Seraphim of Caristia (1968), Metropolitan Anfim of Thessaloniki (1974) and Metropolitan Titus of Paramythia (1974). He said that because of his position on vaccination, he was called “obscurantist and backward by one of our younger brothers,” who spoke on the TV channel. Blessing the name of the Lord for such an attitude towards himself, Metropolitan Ambrose quoted Apostle Paul to the hierarchs of the EOC:

We are foolish for Christ’s sake, but you are wise in Christ; we are weak, but you are strong; you are in glory, and we are in dishonor. They curse us, we bless; they persecute us, we endure; blaspheme us, we pray; we are like rubbish to the world, like dust, trampled down by all until now. I do not write this to your shame, but I admonish you as my beloved children” (1 Cor. 4:10-14).

Further, in his address, Vladyka writes that he, “like a madman for Christ’s sake,” has the right to express to the EOC synod his “madness” regarding vaccination, “and even in harsh language, like those of the insane,” he quotes life expectancy.


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