How many coronavirus vaccines will humanity need

Professor of pulmonology at Johns Hopkins University Panagis Galiatsatos on the evolution of the pandemic and the number of vaccinations against coronavirus.

Over the next five years, we’ll need one or two shots a year, says Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos of Hopkins University. Speaking about the pandemic and the Omicron mutation on Mega, he leaves open the possibility of the following vaccinations:

“For the next 5 years after the pandemic ends, we may have to do one or two doses a year until we contain it. I believe we’ll need another dose first for those over 60. In Israel, a 4th dose test was performed after 5 months. There are no clear guidelines yet. So far, I don’t think we’ll find a variant of the virus that we’ll have to find a new vaccine to fight.”

The professor compares the current pandemic with other infections that hit the world earlier:

“It took many doses to treat other viruses that have appeared in the world, such as smallpox. As for the coronavirus, we must learn to live with it, but limit it like a cold. Or for the next 5 years after the pandemic is over, we should do one or two doses a year until we cut it down.”

Mr. Galiatsatos elaborated on the issue of re-infection with coronavirus:

“In general, in nature, there are other types of coronavirus that look like a simple cold. But it is better to get antibodies from vaccines than those that develop with natural immunity, precisely because they are dealing with a weak virus. If we know a weak virus, we produce antibodies for a while because the body is confronted with something weak. But that could change because people are stuck in a mutation and have to make antibodies again. After the pandemic, we will learn to live with the coronavirus. Both children and teachers are now learning how to use the mask correctly and follow the measures. But let’s not forget that from now on we will also have medicines for coronavirus, and this is important. The coronavirus mainly affects young people, but for many it lasts a long time. This is something young people should be aware of because the effects of ‘long-term covid’ are more severe than for those who have a mild case and are vaccinated.”


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