Georges Monogios. Fatal factor: malfunction of a supercar, a passion for speed or a banal accident…

There are still more questions than answers in the investigation into the death of Georgis Monogios. A successful businessman, father of two children and brother of an ND MP died last Thursday in a terrible accident on Voula.

Ironically, only the day before the man bought a luxurious Ferrari and got behind the wheel of a brand new car for the first time. His wife was in the passenger seat. For an unknown reason, the car, driving, as they say, at a low speed, first crashed into a pole, and then, having lost control, into a tree along Constantinou Karamanlis Street, near house No. 175, and caught fire.

His wife Athena Kontopanou, who was in the passenger seat and survived the bloody car crash, is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries. All relatives and friends of the deceased businessman are in shock. And there are no answers yet to questions about what caused the fatal accident – only speculation.

Authorities are reviewing all scenarios for the shocking car crash as they investigate the death of Georgis Monogios. Experts not only analyze information from CCTV cameras, but also interview eyewitnesses. According to their first testimony, neither the pedestrian nor the other car is to blame for the tragedy.

It remains a mystery why there are no signs of braking, according to data from the Hellenic Traffic Department – neither before a collision with a pole, nor during a subsequent collision with a tree. Why didn’t the Ferrari security systems work? Have the electronic stabilization systems been deactivated? Why did the Ferrari catch fire all at once? What led to the collision? What was the driver trying to avoid? Someone small appeared on the road? Animal?

According to initial information, the 700-horsepower Ferrari Pista 488 was moving at a speed of more than 120 km / h. Expert Panagiotis Madias compares the accident to another one that occurred not so long ago, in September last year, when the famous rapper Mad Clip died. He died on the same road and in fact very close to the site of the new accident:

“3 months ago I was analyzing the Mad Clip car accident. He was 1500 meters lower, on the opposite side. The Mad Clip car was heading towards Athens, and the Monogios car was heading towards Lake Vouliagmeni. I am impressed by the fact that both have deviated from the straight path. The Mad Clip car was very close to the critical bending point of the corner, while Monogios was no less than 160 meters away. I now agree with the mayor of Voula – the road is good, and there was no water, nothing on it. However, I want to emphasize once again how much things could be different if there were protective barriers.

We’re waiting for footage from two nearby cameras to calculate the speed the vehicle has made. According to my estimates, the initial speed of the Ferrari when entering the straight was definitely higher than allowed for that moment, i.е. 70 kilometers. The original passed at least 120 km. The impact speed was not to exceed 90–95 kilometers. And from 90 kilometers we have such deadly results and the complete destruction of the car. The impact speed is high and even into a non-solid obstacle such as a tree.”

Now compare what the two car accidents have in common:

Mad Clip died on the same road and is in fact very close to the site of the new accident. The direction and deviations are identical. They just change the direction of the car. Both cars hit a tree. Both cars caught fire during the collision. Both cars developed high speed. According to the traffic police, no other car was involved in both accidents.

Regarding the Ferrari fire, Mr Madias says:

“A feature of such cars is the presence of safety valves of the first and second degree, which intervene in all systems that are dangerous for fire – both in the fuel and in the hottest points of the engine. It immediately caught fire. And the investigation will show what caused the death of the driver – a collision or a fire.

Continuing to compare the two accidents, the expert recalls:

“Do you remember the case with Mad Clip, which talked about breakneck speed? 135 km was the deflection speed, and the impact speed was 85 km. These impacts, which do not have large surfaces such as tree trunks and metal poles, drastically change, shrink and distort the living space of the cabin, and we have deadly results even at a speed of 65-70 km.

Law enforcers believe that the testimony of the wife of the deceased, when her state of health allows, will be decisive and will help answer many questions. The doctors say she’s better.

The well-known criminologist Alexis Kougias emphasizes that he and his colleagues intend to study the circumstances that led to the tragedy. He emphasized that the family of Georgis Monogios wants to know the details:

“We have to consider the possibility that the problem was with another vehicle or with a pedestrian, or even with the possibility of an explosion. It is necessary to find out if there was an incident with another driver during the trip, but the possibility of damage to the vehicle cannot be ruled out. Until the time of his death, our law firm represented Mr. Monogios.

Until his death, he had a heated argument with his former partner, from whom he had a child out of wedlock, we emphasize – the former, and not with his wife, who is now in the hospital. He demanded better conditions for communication with the child from this woman. Following yesterday’s tragic accident, our law firm, together with the Greek police, is investigating the exact circumstances in which a great driver died in a very reliable and very expensive car.

We will find out what the security cameras recorded the last kilometers where the car was moving, before the deviation and after the collision with the tree. Whether another vehicle or individual was involved. We look forward to seeing the health of his current wife and the mother of his second child improve in order to clarify what exactly preceded the tragedy. It should be noted that the deceased had a very significant fortune and two very successful companies in Mykonos. We ask that any eyewitness or anyone with knowledge of the vehicle’s course before it crashed into the tree and caught fire to contact our law firm.”

The last moments of Monogios’ life are captured by the surveillance camera of the store on Konstantinos Karamanlis Avenue. There is also a video showing the normal movement of the car shortly before the death. The vehicle speed shown in the lower right side is slow and similar to the speed of other vehicles to the naked eye.

Judging by the video from the camera of the store, located at a distance of about 500 meters from the scene, either the driver suddenly collided with an obstacle in front of him, which he wanted to bypass, or he could not control the change in the course of his vehicle, as there were no signs of braking on the road.

As the video shows, the car is moving at such a speed that it can overtake other cars on the road, but cannot be described as dizzying, and the car is on an almost empty road.


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