Who is not vaccinated will pay a fine of 100 euros

From next Monday, residents over 60 who will stay unvaccinated, will be required to pay a fine, with some exceptions.

The government in all colors described the horrors of the pandemic and explained that the extension of the “term you can not think of”, which means that from next Monday, January 17, people over 60 who remain unvaccinated will be fined 100 euros every month.

In January, as announced, the fine will be 50 euros, as it is half a month, and from now on, for each month the unvaccinated will pay a fine of 100 euros.

The government’s decision was published in Government Gazette, with exceptions for those who, for health reasons, cannot be vaccinated. Stelios Petsas, Deputy Interior Minister, explained today that the fine will apply after 16 January.

So far, the decision on mandatory vaccination of all over 50 years of age has been left open. However, this issue is being discussed, and a decision on it will be announced in the very near future. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated:

“People over 60 had to make an appointment by January 16 to take their first dose. Otherwise, an administrative fine of 100 euros will be imposed every month, and by law this money will be collected in a special fund for hospitals.”

The decision applies to all natural persons who permanently reside in Greece and were born before December 31, 1961. They are subject to mandatory vaccination in accordance with the definitions of article 24 of law 4865/2021 (A ΄ 238), for which the restrictive grounds for exemption from vaccination, article 2, are met.


Article 2 Reasons for Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination

Individuals referred to in Article 1 are exempted from the compulsory measure of vaccination against the coronavirus COVID-19, who, in accordance with Article 24(2) of Law 4865/2021 (AD 238), have proven medical reasons preventing vaccination, in accordance with the joint decision of the Minister and Deputy Minister of Health (Β ‘3794) in accordance with elements D1a / GP.oik.50933 / 13.8.2021 on a case-by-case basis.

Article 3. Competent authorities for the exemption from vaccination against coronavirus

The decision to waive the obligation to vaccinate is the responsibility of committees of three members for each health district recommended by decision of the governors or their legal deputies. They are made up of National Health System doctors specializing in internist, cardiologist and allergist. The committees may, at their discretion, request and take into account the opinion of a competent physician, if a specialist in the relevant specialty is not participating in the composition of the committee, for example, a hematologist.

To these committees, in accordance with their local competence in each medical district, requests for exemption from the obligation to vaccinate are sent exclusively through the attending physician, to an email address that will be announced on the website of each DYPE.

How to apply for an exception

The application includes the full identification data of the applicant and the attending physician, namely: name, surname, social security registration number, electronic contact address for sending the decision of the competent health committee. The same application must indicate the date of the request for exemption and the reason for the exemption in accordance with Article 2 of this Agreement. The application must be accompanied by a medical certificate of assisted release with all the necessary information in accordance with the foregoing, and any other relevant evidence must be brought to the attention of the responsible committee.

From the date of publication of this document, an exceptional period of ten (10) calendar days is provided for the submission of applications for exemption from compulsory vaccination for medical reasons to the competent health committees. Applications will be answered within an exceptional period of seven (7) calendar days from the date they are submitted. The decision, which concerns only the necessary personal data, is immediately communicated electronically to both the applicant and the attending physician.

During the period of the deadline for applying for an exemption, as well as the deadline for the response of the competent health committee, the procedure for compulsory vaccination of applicants and fines are suspended.

All applications that do not state the reasons for exemption as set out in Article 2, or that are not accompanied by the required supporting documents, must be rejected as ineligible, and the decision to refuse must be promptly communicated to the applicant and the treating physician by email. From the moment of notification of the refusal decision, the applicant is subject to mandatory vaccination.

Positive vaccination exemption decisions are transmitted electronically and in accordance with the necessary technical and organizational security measures, as well as to Societe anonyme under the name “ELECTRONIC SOCIAL SECURITY SOCIETE ANONYME SA”.

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