State TV advises Greeks to warm their homes with half-open stoves and closed fireplaces.

While all the media and TV channels today report a sharp increase in electricity and heating prices, the state broadcaster ERT 3 on Friday advised Greeks on how to heat their homes inexpensively.

Some of the great ERT solutions are to take a shower with the door open and close the fireplace. But the most curious, not to mention the most dangerous, is the half-open oven.

How this will lead to a lower electricity bill is not really explained.

It also doesn’t explain how long the damp heat from a shower will keep family members warm, or how long they’ll survive if a burning fireplace’s air pipe/chimney is blocked.

Στην εκπομπή της @ERT3Social Όμικρον 3 μας προτείνουν για να ζεστάνουμε τεείίίι μμ άμίίί άάιο υμε άάάιο ε ιιήάήήόό ναιιχήήήόήήμμμ να ήήήμμε τον ήήμμμ άάάιύοοο!

— Eleni Iliopoulou (@ElenisZoo) January 13, 2022

Commenting on Twitter, some Greeks remembered British energy company, which advised the British cuddling your pets, hula-hooping in the living room, or eating oatmeal to keep you warm in the winter amid skyrocketing heating costs.

PS It would be extraordinarily comical if it were not unforgivably tragic! First class state farce for the poor who have to decide whether to eat or stay in the dark and cold.

But at least they didn’t suggest we stick our heads in the oven to dry our hair (or worse, volunteer to turn into 21st-century Sylvia Plath).


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