December 1, 2023

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Evros: protests against the construction of a new structure for refugees

A very tense situation prevailed in the Reception and Identification Center (KYT) in the border area of ​​Evros, where work is beginning to expand the structure of refugees and migrants – the Center for Preliminary Detention (PROKEKA).

According to, residents of the area mobilized when they were informed that cars and earthmovers had arrived in the area opposite KYT to build a new structure.

Residents of the Outpost, who over the past year have repeatedly expressed their disagreement with the project, gathered at the site, lining up vehicles to prevent cars from passing.

There was even a skirmish brewing between workers engaged in earthworks and people trying to stop the unloading of a bulldozer delivered to the site. It seems only with the intervention of “significant people” that the worst was avoided.

Christos Turbakis, chairman of the Filaki community, went to the site, where he held a sit-in protest, and the police asked him to leave.

Witnesses to the incident reported that the police took him away against his will, although he said he had heart problems. After the arrest, he felt unwell and lost consciousness for a while. As a result, the chairman was taken to the Orestiada Health Center, where he is still being treated.

KYT extension

According to the decision of the government, it is planned to create a new structure on the territory next to the existing KYT – an area of ​​about 72,500 sq.m. and a total capacity of 1500 people. In particular, it is planned to modernize and create 750 places for living and 750 places in the pre-trial detention center, including 250 places in PROKEKA. Upon completion of the project, the structure will be integrated with the existing one and will form a single whole.

At the same time, residential, dining and entertainment areas will be created on the territory, as well as doctors’ offices, shops, schools, laundry-dryers, multifunctional premises, administration offices and security posts. A sports ground and a zone will be provided where the offices of the repair and fire services, and treatment facilities will be located. The building, which will have a perimeter fence, will also have a water supply and sewerage network.

Local authorities believe that this decision opens the way for the reception of a large number of refugees and immigrants in a geographically sensitive area, not far from the Greek-Turkish border, noting that at the moment there is absolutely no reason to do so.


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