December 1, 2023

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Two migrants die while trying to cross flood-swollen stream in northern Greece

A woman was found dead Thursday after going missing in a mountainous area in the Serres region of northern Greece on Wednesday while trying to cross a river during a downpour with a group of migrants.

A 24-year-old Iranian woman accompanied her 37-year-old husband, who drowned while crossing the winter mountains to avoid police patrols, 40 km east of the Greek city of Thessaloniki. Rescuers found the man’s body on Wednesday.

Authorities were alerted by her brother, who stayed behind to try to help the couple.

Police said the migrants entered Greece illegally from Turkey and, having been brought to the area by smugglers who left them to make their own way to Thessaloniki. It was unclear how many people were in the group that moved on after the accident.

Heavy rains and snowfalls have affected most of northern and central Greece, the air temperature is near zero. On Wednesday, due to hurricane winds, most of the ferries from the Greek islands were chained to their berths.


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