February 3, 2023

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Trial of 15 Arrested for AUTh Lab Defeat Postponed – All Released

15 people arrested for taking over the pharmacology laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which was evacuated yesterday morning after a police operation, have been released pending trial.

The defendants, eight men and seven women aged between 20 and 39, including current undergraduate and graduate students, were tried by way of trial in the three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki. However, due to the lack of police witnesses, the trial was postponed to January 21, after which the detainees were automatically released.

A possible reason for this decision was a mass rally under the walls of the court, where hundreds of people supporting anarchists gathered.

Previously, they were prosecuted by the prosecutor of first instance for disrupting the work of medical services and public peace, violence against employees, attempted infliction of dangerous bodily harm, disobedience and violation of legislation on weapons and radio frequencies.

One of the detainees was prosecuted for complicity in violence against workers and attempted infliction of dangerous bodily harm.


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