Incredible! Indian man received 12 vaccinations and encourages to follow his example

In eleven months, an 84-year-old Indian was vaccinated 12 times, getting rid of the ailments that tormented him.

Brahmutnev Mandal claims that he voluntarily, albeit illegally, received 12 vaccinations, two of which – with a difference of half an hour! The elderly man wanted to get rid of the joint pains that had tormented him for the last 8 years and to feel “stronger”. He considers his decision to be justified, since indeed, the pain in the joints has ceased to annoy him. At the same time, over the past 11 months, he has never even caught a cold, since, according to him, he became healthier and stronger.

The old man was vaccinated using the personal data of different people. Now he will have to answer for deceiving the authorities. Although Mandal hopes that due to his advanced age, he will not be severely punished. In a conversation with the Air Force, writes, the man said that he visited various vaccination centers in the province of Bandepura and received 9 vaccinations under his own name. The Indian calls on:

“I have been vaccinated and I recommend everyone to get them. They are quite beneficial. The government has taken an incredible step because they also help with back pain, you have to do it. “

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