COVID-19 sets new “records”

For the first time, the number of detected coronavirus infections in the world in 24 hours exceeded 3 million.

A total of 312,173,462 people on the planet became infected with covid, 5,501,000 of them died from complications of COVID-19, 7,735 people died in the past day. The mark of 310 million infected was passed on January 12, 300 million on January 8, 250 million on November 9, 200 million on August 5.

Yesterday evening, January 12, a new “record” was announced on the website of the World Health Organization: in 24 hours, more than 3 million people in the world became infected with the coronavirus.

According to the WHO, infection was confirmed in 3 395 785 people. Before that, the largest number of infections per day was recorded on January 6 – 2.6 people worldwide.

The leaders in morbidity are:

USA – 61.3 million cases; India – 36 million Brazil – 22.6 million infections

The death rates are highest in the United States – more than 833 thousand cases, then in Brazil – 620 thousand, in third place India – more than 484 thousand victims of the coronavirus.

At the same time, WHO statistics take into account officially confirmed information about those infected and deaths provided by countries.

Greece has reported more than 43,000 cases of coronavirus infection in children between the ages of 4 and 18 in one week, EODY reports. Their number reached 43 386, which is 18% of all cases, while a week earlier this figure was 12%.

Each country tries to take the most effective measures, in the opinion of the government and experts. In special quarantine camps in China, children, pregnant women and the elderly are being held – no indulgences to anyone suspected of having COVID-19.

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