Bulgaria: attempted invasion of parliament, injured

Protesters against the “green certificates” came out yesterday to a large-scale rally in the Bulgarian capital and tried to storm the parliament.

According to TASS, the reason was the introduction in the country of certificates confirming the fact of vaccination for visiting public places. Thousands of people from different regions gathered in Sofia on the square in front of the People’s Assembly. They surrounded the parliament building and tried to get inside. They were prevented by a police cordon, according to nova.bg. As a result of the stampede and clashes with the police, there are casualties. In front of the building, the demonstrators set up a symbolic gallows and then headed towards the Ministry of Health.

The protest actions were organized by the political party “Renaissance”. Its representatives stated:

“We oppose green certificates, because they turn vaccination from voluntary into compulsory, interfere with normal work, study, and social life.”

They criticized the mass testing of children and the ineffectiveness of resolving the medical crisis. The protesters demanded the abolition of the compulsory certificate, which, in their opinion, violates the rights and forces one to be vaccinated.

The “Renaissance” deputy group left the plenary session hall of the NA session to join the protest action. At the same time, the largest police union called on protesters to avoid escalating tensions. Before the start of the action, a water cannon was placed on the square in front of the National Assembly.

Television footage showed how various objects were flying at law enforcement officers. The Bulgarian police say that four of their officers were injured in an attempted invasion of parliament. At least one person was arrested before the demonstration for a gas pistol prepared for action.

The demonstration took place against the backdrop of a sharp increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection. Over the past day, more than 7,000 people have received a positive test.

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