Government measures: will they be extended until the end of the month, and how the situation with the omicron is developing

Apparently, measures against the spread of coronavirus may be extended until the end of January. A meeting on infectious diseases was held yesterday, and today, Wednesday, a committee of experts will evaluate the epidemiological data.

Government members and academics believe that current bounding box should be extended, despite the fact that most recently Mr. Mitsotakis urged citizens to be patient until the end of the Christmas and New Years …

There are two scenarios so far. First, experts will propose a partial revision of the measures, that is, add something and change something. On the other hand, the possibility of extending the measures until January 23, that is, for another week, until a clear understanding of the epidemiological picture in schools is being discussed.

It is very possible that music will return to seated café bars, but they will still close at midnight. Masks will remain mandatory indoors and outdoors, and nightclubs will not open. Remote work will continue for 50% of the staff, and a staggered schedule will remain. It is possible that the stadium occupancy rate will increase slightly.

Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology, believes that it is necessary to bring music back to the restaurant, improving the psychological state of society. Regarding the development of the situation, he explained that if 600,000 tests are made and the index of positive results is about 9, then the number of new cases will be about 54,000, and if the index is closer to 8, then the number of new infections will be below 50,000. Regarding the Omicron peak, the professor stressed that his team’s model still shows that it will be between January 20 and 25, but it is possible that the situation with schools will change this forecast.

On January 16, the deadline for unvaccinated persons 60+ for the first vaccination expires, and the imposition of a monthly fine of € 100 per month for unvaccinated persons in this age group begins on Monday.

The government still leaves open the possibility of extending the compulsory third dose of vaccination to people over 50 years of age. The introduction of such a measure among people over 60 years old has pleased with impressive results, as so far 92% of this vulnerable age group have responded.

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