Denmark: the horror and resourcefulness of the 10-year-old daughter of the Greek Taekwondo champion

“She told us that she hid in bed, did not move at all, and did not cry so that she would not be heard …”.

It is difficult to imagine what a 10-year-old child experienced when he was alone with burglars who broke into a house.

Popi Kutrutsu, the girl’s mother, is the owner of a taekwondo school in Copenhagen, where she lives with her husband, seven-time world champion and nine-time title holder Ki-Tu Dang, captain of the Royal Danish Navy.

The woman tells about a terrible event when the couple went to the supermarket on December 23, at 4 pm, and their daughter was left alone in the house for a short time:

“After 50 minutes, our daughter called us in tears and said that some people in black clothes with hoods and masks entered the house, turned it upside down and took everything that they found valuable!”

At the first moment, the parents thought that the girl was joking:

“At first we didn’t believe her. However, terrified, we returned as quickly as we could and saw that the doors and windows had been broken open with a crowbar. We ran through our house from top to bottom, and the child was crying! “

The ten-year-old daughter told her parents in detail what happened. Her dispassion and quick-wittedness probably saved her from the worst, says Popi Kutrutu:

“She told us she was hiding in her bed. She did not move at all under the covers, did not cry so that she would not be heard, and sent a message to her friend to call 112 or her father so that he would come home and save her! When I asked why she didn’t send us a message, she replied that if I did, I would immediately call her out of fear, and the robbers would find her by the sound of the phone. I was really impressed by her courage and how coolly the little girl reacted. Our dog was probably kicked because we found it terrified in the corner. “

The couple called the police, as they discovered the loss of money, jewelry and watches.

To their dismay, says the Greek taekwondo champion, the police explained to them that they could only document the incident:

“They urged us to contact the insurance company to get compensation. We were told that they are not chasing robbers, because they will never find them anyway … “.

The girl’s parents believe that martial arts helped their Pauline in her thinking. Father, coach of the Danish national team in taekwondo and seven-time world champion, and mother, a former member of the Greek national team and children’s coach in Copenhagen, managed to instill in his daughter the philosophy of sports:

“She was cold-blooded, she showed strength of character and reacted correctly, was able to assess the situation and turn to her friend without attracting the attention of criminals.”

Despite the loss of dozens of valuable things, the main “treasure” of their life, the parents say, little Paulina, was not hurt. And this is the most important thing.

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