Head of the State Council of Kazakhstan: what happened is the result of a conspiracy of internal and external forces

The head of the State Council of Kazakhstan, Yerlan Karin, said that what happened in early January in Kazakhstan is the result of a conspiracy of internal and external forces.

He outlined the contours of the official version of the events of January 2-10, but without the names and authors. He confirmed the obvious things connected with how a completely different game developed behind the screen of “gas protests”, which was associated with the struggle of the Kazakh clans, in which various external forces joined or tried to join at certain stages.

There is an internal and external conspiracy behind the destabilization of the situation in Kazakhstan, says the state secretary of the republic Yerlan Karin: “There is a conspiracy of internal and some external forces, since both Kazakh and foreign citizens participated,” Karin said on the Kazakh state channel:

“Participants of the strike terrorist groups were both Kazakh and foreign citizens. There were facts about which, I think, our special services will soon report. And this gives reason to say that it was a conspiracy of some internal forces and external – destructive. “

He also stated that what happened in Kazakhstan was not a color revolution:

“Someone compares them with color revolutions, velvet, but in relation to Kazakhstan, they would be ineffective, the circumstances in our country are different. They would not allow the implementation of the classic version of color revolutions. I think that a completely different model and a different scenario have been worked out in Kazakhstan. destabilizing the situation, using radical and terrorist groups, ”Karin said on the air of the 24 kz TV channel.

According to the Secretary of State of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerlan Karin, the events taking place on the territory of Kazakhstan are clearly coordinated actions of subversive organizations. “These were well-planned, well-coordinated actions of subversive groups, whose task was to destabilize the situation,” Karin said on the air of the 24 kz TV channel. He noted that “it is impossible to spontaneously develop and distribute commands throughout Kazakhstan.”

Unfortunately, the Kazakhstani crisis has not been without acute and tense moments, but vigilance must be observed, said the state secretary of the republic Yerlan Karin. “I do not want us to somehow relax, because there is a risk that the services are switched to readiness. Our citizens must be vigilant. But I think we have passed the most acute and tense moments, ”Karin said on the air of the TV channel:

“Now we can only say with confidence about the characteristics of these events. These are not mass riots, not the usual riots that we see when there are clashes between civilian forces and the forces of law and order, or when we see pogroms and arson. on the buildings of law enforcement agencies. It was mentioned about six attacks in Almaty, but this was only on one institution of the police department. In my opinion, in one day. When I talked with my colleagues, they said that the DP 00:00 to 05:00 Can you imagine how many weapons and ammunition the assault and strike groups of terrorists had to possess in order to keep the DP in suspense for several hours?

I have been dealing with the problem of terrorism for 20 years, but even I can hardly remember how several groups could attack cities like this, deliberately trying to seize buildings and institutions. This is a new phenomenon, which is a challenge not only for special services, but also for experts and specialists. We will need to understand that we have entered a new period when such a cynical scenario can be unleashed against any other country, the main purpose of which is, I think, the destruction of the integrity of the state … cities, attacks were carried out in several regions. The question at stake was whether we can keep the state. “

Also, the head of the State Council of Kazakhstan stated that:

1. The CSTO mission in Kazakhstan will not last long, after solving all the tasks to stabilize the situation, the peacekeepers will be withdrawn from the country.
2. The main task of the peacekeepers will be the protection of strategic facilities, which will allow the Kazakh security forces to focus on the tasks of the CTO.
3. Kazakhstan faced a carefully planned and sudden attack by a whole army of radicals in different regions of the country. They were associated with the complete destabilization of the country,
4. The Kazakh special forces “Arystan”, “Arlan”, “Berket”, as well as the troops of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan are engaged in direct cleansing of the militants.

PS Today, appointments of the new government of Kazakhstan, new resignations and personnel changes should follow. And finally – the official announcement of some of the names that were involved in the incident. The main intrigue is whether there will be someone with the name Nazarbayev on the list of culprits. After the clearing of the remaining groups of militants, the end of the clan conflict and the cessation of the shooting, it will be possible to say that the “black January” in Kazakhstan is over.

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