Former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Felix Kulov on the background of events in Kazakhstan

Former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan (as well as the former mayor of Bishkek, since Soviet times) Felix Kulov, spoke about the background of events in Kazakhstan on his page on the social network.

“Judging by the reports of official structures, the situation in Kazakhstan is gradually returning to normal.
To a large extent, this was facilitated by several factors: Tokayev’s tough stance towards provocateurs, the introduction of the CSTO peacekeepers and the behind-the-scenes “bargaining” between Nazarbayev and Tokayev. This testimony, as he wrote earlier, is the restoration of Samat Abish, Nazarbayev’s nephew, as deputy head of the KNB so that he would calm down his armed “provocateurs-arkharovtsy”.

It’s no secret that Samat, together with Elbasy’s other nephew, Kairat Satybaldiev, controlled many markets, in particular the one that is located at the exit from Almaty towards Bishkek. They controlled the markets through criminal structures, which in turn controlled those who worked for them.

Many are well aware that a considerable number of our compatriots work in this market, and judging by some information, these criminal authorities forced the visiting migrant workers from among Uzbeks, Tajiks and Kyrgyz to participate in protests by force and threats. Which, in general, is quite understandable, since, forcibly, people completely far from politics, could not fully realize the political consequences of their actions.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that now there is information about the detention of citizens from neighboring states.
Therefore, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, must demand that the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, who were forcibly drawn into protest actions, be immediately released and, secondly, truthful information was given on whose fault, as a result of whose threats they were sent to these rallies.
It is unacceptable that, as a result of distorted information from politically narrow-minded clerks from the press service of any “police station”, damage to the fraternal peoples is inflicted.

He also wrote that the leaders of the KNB of Kazakhstan, Masimov and Samat Abish, organized camps to train militants to use them against the political opponents of Elbasy. In particular, one of the methods: to use the “bearded men” against other “bearded men”, according to the principle “They knock out a wedge with a wedge.”

According to one of the versions, an oral instruction (written in such cases is not given) to Massimov and Abish to use these secret units to discredit peaceful rallies through various armed provocations came from Nazarbayev. Cutting off heads and other atrocities is already an initiative of the “bearded provocateurs” themselves.

Naturally, Tokayev was not initiated into these provocations, and the instructions received from Nazarbayev, the two heads of the KNB, were not rechecked by Tokayev, since the KNB was directly subordinate to Elbasy, who served as chairman of the Security Council.
When Tokayev became aware of this secret “provocation operation”, which led to numerous casualties (I am sure there were honest people in the “office” who brought the truth to Tokayev), he showed decisiveness, which does him honor, as a statesman, and relieved him of his posts Samat Abisha and Masimov, having put both of them behind bars. What was the message in the media.

But after Nazarbayev, as a result of “bargaining”, “voluntarily” resigned from the life-long post of chairman of the Security Council, his nephew was reinstated in his former position, taking his word that he would do everything to stop his “bearded men” who had gone out of control. As soon as Samat Abish fulfills what he promised, he will also resign of his own accord.

In the early days of armed provocations, Tokayev announced 20 thousand armed international terrorists. Later, this figure was removed from his tweets. It is clear that in the first hours it was simply unrealistic to obtain truthful information. Moreover, the “office” concealed its interference and could distort the information that was put on the president’s table.

If we assume that this figure was overestimated ten times or more, then even 400-500 well-trained and organized armed militants is an impressive force. Let us recall the “Batken war”, when no more than 200-300 militants invaded our territory, then an almost mass conscription was announced.

We all need to understand one obvious truth. Information hot on the heels may not always be true, or rather, it cannot always be mistaken for reliable until it is rechecked. This is especially true for social networks.
Therefore, I will repeat the truth, beaten to the point of indecency: let us be prudent and not succumb to provocations.
I propose to our government to initiate the creation, under the auspices of the SCO (with the participation of representatives of Kazakhstani civil society and observers from other countries), an international commission to investigate the events that took place in Kazakhstan. Announce this initiative without delay, but start investigating after everything is settled there.

Such a decision will now at least partially reduce the intensity of passions around the steps being taken to resolve the situation internally and prevent the distortion of fraternal aid from states provided to the Kazakh people in accordance with international obligations. “


Also in his comments, Kulov answered a question about the statements of the late grandson of Nazarbayev Aisultan, who, before fleeing to Britain, was on the staff of the GRU of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

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