BBC: if you want to be a good mom, do drugs

In recent years, we have seen in liberal society a large-scale attack on Christianity, the traditional family, and even the very concept of male and female sex.

Imposition of LGBT ideology, popularization of gender reassignment (even among children), “self-identification” of gender, etc. Now we are seeing another “trick” – the creation of a positive image of a mother using drugs.

British media giant BBS published on its Ukrainian page article “I smoke marijuana to be a better mom.” It tells about the American Danielle Brand, for whom “the use of legal cannabis has become a way of healing and relaxation. But the woman soon noticed that this practice also helped her in raising her two children. ” She even wrote a book about “how cannabis helps her to fulfill maternal responsibilities. According to the American, the use of marijuana allowed her to slow down and find time to communicate with children. “

BBC writes that the Brand knows many women who have been helped by cannabis to become better mothers, but “the condemnation of society did not allow them to come out of the shadows.” Simply put, the publication claims that “you can be responsible parents and use cannabis at the same time,” and this is the same as others drink wine.

Journalists write that “in countries where the use of marijuana has been legalized and is actively investigating its effect on health, the attitude of society is gradually changing. More and more women do not hide the fact that they use marijuana … and that’s okay. “

“Let the older children look after the younger ones, and we will relax and have a good time,” the publication sums up with a quote from “drug addict mothers”. What can I say.

The very technology of propaganda of marijuana is practically “licked” from the techniques of planting LGBT people, transgenderism, etc.: the cynical use of the theme of a happy family and children – they say, mothers who hammer a joint, fulfill their parental responsibilities in the same way (and even better). One cannot help but recall the sugary pictures of happy gay families with adopted children, who are “no worse” than traditional families; complaints about the allegedly unfair “condemnation of society”, which simply needs to be ended. Technologists mention that “the attitude of society is gradually changing,” and “more and more women do not hide” that they are taking drugs. That is, drug addiction is presented as a kind of liberation from prejudice. While reading this article, it should be remembered that the Ukrainian authorities are continuing their attempts to legalize medical cannabis in the country. The common thread of the publication is the thought – in countries where cannabis has been legalized, the life of mothers has become happier. Thus, Ukrainians are led to the obvious idea: cannabis is not scary at all, but pleasant and useful, including for children. The article itself is just a classic tutorial on Overton window technology: from “unthinkable” through “acceptable” to the current norm. The latter is stated quite directly: they say, smoking marijuana is normal.

What is the conclusion from all this? Let’s leave it to the reader to do it.

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