Who will not have discounts on electricity and gas

The government may have announced a subsidy for electricity and gas bills, but as it turned out, the assistance will not affect the hundreds of thousands of households that will no longer be subsidized from January 2022.

In particular, the government has now introduced main residence electricity bills as the only eligibility criteria, so families with out-of-city students renting a studio or apartment would not be eligible for the subsidy (until recently).

Rented apartments are not declared to the tax office by students in their own name, as parents often declare them as secondary rented housing, which is now a deterrent to receiving subsidies.

In addition, the total meter in apartment buildings remains outside the scope of subsidies, as well as electricity in country houses, thereby “reducing” beneficiaries by hundreds of thousands of households.

New measures

Energy Minister Costas Skrekas announced on Friday new measures to contain tariffs and subsidize electricity and gas bills for residential and industrial consumers, which are expected to take effect in January and relate to support for those affected by the energy crisis, rising energy prices …

“Electricity prices remain high and threaten households looking to heat their homes. In January, the cost of a kilowatt-hour is three times higher than last year. The government continues its fifth month to support Greek families. We are continuing our support measures, which will also be extended to entrepreneurs and companies.

Financial support protects jobs from dismissal and prevents increased costs from being passed on to the end product consumer. The measure was approved by the European Competition Commission. Greece has submitted a proposal to the EU to support the private sector.

All E1 households will receive electricity subsidies, regardless of income or supplier.

In particular:

Up to 150 kilowatt-hours are subsidized by 80% of the increase in the bill. From 151 to 300 kilowatt-hours – 60% increase (increase in the bill). Average monthly assistance 42 euros. Social tariff: 90% of the increase (bill increase) is covered. Average monthly assistance 54 euros.

Subsidy for non-household accounts:

Provided for agricultural, professional enterprises, regardless of size and voltage level consumed (low, medium-high). Subsidy of 50% of the increased cost, € 65 per megawatt hour. An adjusted professional sector subsidy is under consideration since February.

Natural gas

Subsidy of 20 euros per megacalorie (θερμική μεγαβατώρα, equal to 1.1622 kilowatt-hours). This applies to 540,000 household consumers.
They will receive an additional discount of € 20. Corresponding support will be requested from other natural gas suppliers.

Non-household accounts

The subsidy applies to all commercial consumers, regardless of size, turnover, number of employees. Subsidy € 30 per megawatt hour.

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