Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan commented on statements "selected foreign media"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, published a commentary on publications in certain foreign media.

“A number of publications in foreign media on the situation in our country after the introduction of the state of emergency are clearly superficial and one-sided. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it appropriate to note the following in this regard.

Peaceful rallies were held in Mangystau region and in all major cities of the country. The demands of the protesters were fully satisfied. However, this situation was used by terrorist, extremist and criminal groups to escalate tension and violence. In this regard, a state of emergency was declared in the country.

As the events in Almaty and a number of other regions of the country showed, Kazakhstan was subjected to armed aggression by well-coordinated terrorist groups trained abroad. According to preliminary data, some of the attackers have experience of combat participation in “hot spots” on the side of radical Islamist groups. At present, law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan are confronting terrorists, and not “peaceful protesters,” as some foreign media distortedly present it.

In this situation, Kazakhstan was forced to seek help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which sent a peacekeeping force with a total strength of about 2,500 people to help stabilize the situation. The mandate of the peacekeepers includes the protection of strategic facilities and cover for the Kazakh law enforcement forces.

It should be emphasized that the main military operations against terrorist groups are carried out by law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

The CSTO peacekeeping forces will be in Kazakhstan temporarily and will leave the country after the situation stabilizes at the first request from the Kazakh side.

It is especially important that peaceful protesters are not subject to any kind of harassment.

Law enforcement agencies have been instructed to conduct a large-scale investigation into the causes of this situation, the results of which will be presented to the international community.

It should be noted the solidarity of the people of Kazakhstan, their support for the decisions and actions of President K. Tokayev to restore a peaceful life.

Kazakhstan is determined to defend democracy and the Constitution from Islamist radicals and terrorists!

Unfortunately, as a result of the clashes, there are human casualties both among law enforcement officers and military personnel, and among the civilian population.

In this regard, January 10, 2022 has been declared a day of national mourning in the country. “

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