Exemption from mobile charges: how to do it

Young people aged 15-29 can be exempted from fees for mobile and prepaid phone calls from Monday as digital government and finance ministries launched mobilefees.gov.gr.

The platform was implemented by the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems with the assistance of the General Secretariat of Telecommunications and Posts. Thanks to this, young people between the ages of 15 and 29 can register their mobile phone in the register of beneficiaries of the mobile subscription exemption in order to be exempted from mobile and prepaid fees.

How to register

Registration in the registry is very simple and ends with an AMKA (or PAAPA) declaration, the recipient’s mobile phone number and a provider who has a valid mobile phone number for exemption from fees.

Sign in mobilefees.gov.gr carried out through the Taxisnet codes:

or the recipient, if he is an adult (18-29 years old), or someone who has custody of the beneficiary, if he is a minor (15-17 years old). Guardianship relationships are verified automatically after verification with the Register of Citizens or, alternatively, with the E1 form of the most recent income tax return.

Upon completion of this submission in the registration application, the mobile service provider will be automatically notified of the application of the exemption at the time of billing or top-ups, without any further action on the part of the recipient.

If the number is transferred to another company, the new provider is automatically informed through the registry that the particular number is eligible for exemption. Finally, the exemption for beneficiaries who have reached the age of 29 will automatically end.

Please note that each recipient can enter 1 (one) mobile phone number to request an exemption. At any time, the beneficiary can delete the request for release on one number and activate it on another at his disposal, if he so wishes. Citizens can submit more than one application if they have more than one beneficiary in their care.

The possibility of registration in the Registry will be provided in stages, starting from Monday, January 10, 2022, based on the final TIN number (ΑΦΜ) of the applicant, in the following order:

January 10, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 0 January 11, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 1 January 12, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 2 January 13, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 3 January 14 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 4. January 15, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 5 ​​January 16, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 6. January 17, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 7 January 18 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 8 January 19, 2022: VAT activation with the last digit 9.

Beneficiaries who do not have Taxisnet codes or citizens who are applying for a minor beneficiary and the custody relationship cannot be electronically cross-referenced can apply to Citizen Service Centers for registration. KEP applications will be available from January 20, 2022.

The initiative complements the 10% cut in mobile and prepaid phone charges, which is effective for everyone from 1 January 2022. Thus, the commitment of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to reduce taxes on telecommunications, which he announced in his speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair in September 2021. This measure helps to exempt households and businesses from the tax burden, with the aim of increasing disposable income and improving the prospects of all citizens, especially young people.

Ibid, at the International Fair in Thessaloniki (Διεθνή Έκθεση της Θεσσαλονίκης), promised “Freedom Pass” – a card in the amount of 150 euros for young people aged 15-17 who have been vaccinated against covid, which can be used to pay for mobile communications and mobile Internet.

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