Akis Celentis: “It’s very good that we have continuous aftershocks”

Geodynamic Institute head Akis Celentis and OASP President Efthymios Lekkas commented on the Florin Mega earthquake. They believe that the 5.4 magnitude seismic shock was probably the main one, and there will be many aftershocks. Akis Celentis says:

“The problem was that the earthquake was very close to the city of Florina with a shallow focus. We have a rich sequence of aftershocks, we have had more than 30 earthquakes, and this shows that 5.4 on the Richter scale was probably the main earthquake, it is very good that we have continuous aftershocks.

We are monitoring this phenomenon very closely. In 1994, we had a magnitude 6 earthquake in the area of ​​the branch of this fault, and we are observing this phenomenon. Residents must fence off the inside of their homes. Avoid decrepit walls. We have to reinforce heavy objects in homes. The depth of the focus was shallow, the earthquake was strong, so in the coming days, maybe next week, we will have many aftershocks. “

Efthymios Lekkas, President of OASP, spoke about the damage to old buildings, stressing that the area is highly seismic:

“The question is whether it was a major earthquake. My personal point of view is that this is so, but we must follow the development of the process. We don’t have any recent history to see how the area behaves. In 1920 there was an earthquake, several small earthquakes in the area. We found this rift last night, the southwestern part of it runs through the city of Florina, so earthquakes are felt also because they are superficial. Seismic activity continues, we have 13 earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 3 points. A coordinating body has been convened, we are in contact with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. Schools won’t open today. The first information speaks of some kind of damage to old buildings. There are old buildings in the city and in the surrounding villages, so you need to be careful not to live in them or go into them. The area is characterized by intense seismicity. He has earthquakes. In the wider area of ​​northwestern Greece, there are 6-7 faults. The magnitude of the earthquake was very great and felt beyond our borders. Citizens need to show composure, conditions are difficult and because of the cold. They must follow the instructions of the authorities. “

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