The walk in Parnita almost ended tragically

A family walk in Parnitha National Park ended in shock for the father and his 14-year-old daughter: the wolf took their dog away.

Myradio program director and journalist Nikos Nikolakopoulos told MEGA about an incredible family outing in Parnit during which they were attacked by a wolf. He and his daughter and a pet dog were already returning to the car left in Buffy’s parking lot, when suddenly a wolf jumped out from behind the trees, says IEFIMERIDA.GR. The journalist describes his shock:

“I turn around and see the back of my daughter, who was bitten by a black wolf, I am in shock, I scream loudly, I raise my hands high” …

However, his screams did not frighten the beast – he grabbed the pet and hid in the thicket, taking advantage of the fact that the girl, out of fear, let go of the leash. Nikos Nikolakopoulos notes that he could not risk his own and his daughter’s lives to rush after the wolf and try to take the dog away from him. He says that the family is very saddened by the loss: “He was a wonderful dog, we are very sad.”

By presidential decree in 1985, pets are prohibited from walking in national parks, even with a muzzle and on a leash. In particular, with dogs, which act on wolves like a red rag on a bull. However, most Greeks are unaware of this.

Experts recommend behaving correctly when meeting wild animals: you need to stay calm, not try to feed them, keep your distance and walk away slowly.

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