Spouses may file separate tax returns earlier this year

The financial authorities of Greece this year plan to earlier intensify the process of filing taxpayers of declarations in case the spouses file them separately.

The approaching date is due to AADE’s plans to begin filing tax returns practically from the beginning of this year.

Interested parties must, through AADE, notify the tax authority of their intention to file a separate income tax return for the tax year 2021. Notification is carried out through a special electronic application on the website www.aade.gr at the link: www.aade.gr/polites/eisodima/gnostopoisi-horistis-dilosis or with TAXIS codes.

If a couple chooses to file separate tax returns, they will have the following benefits:

Receipt of tax information by one of the spouses even if there is an overdue tax debt from the other spouse. If one of the spouses is eligible for reimbursement, the debts of the other will not count. Each spouse individually determines the payment of income tax. Secrecy of personal data (from the spouse).

However, there are many disadvantages as taxpayers lose the right to “transfer” income from one spouse to another to cover debts, i.e. they will only have to rely on their individual income and associated costs. There are many cases where benefits have been denied because family is the criterion, not individual income.

Submission of a separate tax return is mandatory if:

The spousal cohabitation was terminated at the time of the application. The document that must be submitted to the tax office is a divorce or termination of a cohabitation agreement. Divorce announced (separation, separation). This can be done at the request of at least one party, with proof of filing for divorce, or by mutual consent, without a decision. One of the two spouses is bankrupt or has filed a lawsuit. Change in marriage status resulting from the death of one of the spouses. …

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