Greek scientists, “copying” cicadas, patented an important invention

Greek scientists from the University of Crete have begun to develop an important invention, which they have patented – minimizing reflections from glass surfaces by up to 99%.

A number of insects, especially cicadas, have inspired the scientific community with their nature-perfect transparent wings. “There are various insects whose wings have important anti-reflective properties,” explains Vangelis Skulas, manager of biomimetic technologies. “Among them are the cicadas or butterflies with glass wings we know of, and some species of moths.

This is the result of natural selection over the centuries. In this case, we are talking about insects that have adapted to survive, hiding so that predators would not detect them by the brilliance of their wings.

The cicada’s wings have several tiny morphological endings that create the ideal anti-glare ability. In other words, these are nanostructures that “trick” the light, and therefore it is not reflected as much from the surface.

The five founders of the startup managed to copy these structures and create similar ones using laser beams. This invention (anti-reflective glass surfaces) will help solve a number of pressing issues. For example, in photovoltaic parks, the reflection of light reduces the permeability and therefore the generation of electricity. When applying the patent, this issue will be resolved.

“This study is a great example of the power of combining different fields to study and understand natural systems,” says Mr. Skoulas. like the wings of insects to create surfaces with improved properties. “

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