Filming passionate scenes of a gay couple against the backdrop of the Acropolis

The short film Ξεπαρθενών (Xaparfenon), which shows the amorous pleasures of two men on the Acropolis, has sparked outrage in Greece.

Its creators used the sanctuary as a backdrop for explicit love scenes, without asking permission for any filming from the authorities and without informing anyone of their intentions. The guards who were there at the time of filming did not react, not understanding the meaning of what was happening.

The plot of the film is simple: two divorced men go to the Acropolis in the company of friends. Then they begin to flirt, and the companions close them from the eyes of those around them in a living circle. When showing too explicit scenes of intercourse, the camera smoothly changes position and shows the sanctuary.

Spyros Bibilas, President of SEI, emotionally condemned the incident, appealing to the reaction of the Greek Ministry of Culture:

“I am ashamed that this is happening. There must be restrictions somewhere. As I saw it, I do not consider it an activist act, I think it is stupidity. However, this shows that the protection of the rock is insufficient and incompetent. I suppose that the Ministry of Culture will try to find out how this happened and assign responsibilities. “

The Ministry of Culture, in turn, confirms the lack of permission. And he says that he is conducting a preliminary examination:

When asked by journalists about videos containing scenes that were illegally filmed at the archaeological site of the Acropolis, the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports clarifies the following. Apparently, the competent services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports did not give permission for specific scenes. The archaeological zone of the Acropolis is not suitable for any activity or other activity that offends and disrespects the monument. By order of the Minister of Culture and Sports, the head of the Ephorata of Antiquities of Athens, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Servants’ Code, a preliminary investigation is being carried out in order to investigate the circumstances under which the incident occurred.

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