Two-month-old girl thrown in a backpack in the north of Athens

A two-month-old girl was thrown in a backpack at a playground in the Halandri area of ​​northern Athens on Wednesday afternoon. The baby was found by a police officer.

Surveillance footage in the area shows a man carrying a bag and making two circles before leaving it in the playground. The man was wearing a hood and mask, as well as several layers of dark clothing.

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According to police information, the child was abandoned by a woman, probably the mother, but she changed her figure and wore several layers of clothing in an attempt to pretend to be a man.

According to media reports, the police officer heard crying and went to check the half-open backpack. The child was reportedly well dressed in pants, a hat, socks and other clothing to keep warm.

Alfa-TV said that inside the bag there was also a piece of paper with the words “My name is Vasiliki”. The baby was taken by ambulance to the Children’s Hospital of Hagia Sophia in Athens. The doctors who examined the girl said that she was about two months old and that she was healthy. In order to identify the parents of the child, the child’s bag and clothes were sent to the forensic medical examination department of the Greek police. Police are investigating the nearby areas of Evoya and Viotia, as well as hospitals in case a child is born at an institution. In the end of November girl thrown in a wheelchair outside the National Museum in the center of Athens. Even though CCTV cameras recorded a man pushing a wheelchair, there was no news in the media that the parents had been identified. …

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