The consequences of lockdowns for children – shocking facts

The negative effects of the isolation associated with the pandemic are backed by scientific research. They are especially tragic for children.

The shocking results of a study by German scientists: the number of suicide attempts among children and adolescents, during the second isolation in Germany, has tripled! The findings of another study are even more frightening – the number of mentally ill adolescents and children is expected to increase in the future.

They are not talking about this now. It is believed that there are many more important issues in the fight against the pandemic that everyone is tired of. But the negative consequences of blocking, sometimes unjustified and meaningless, are confirmed by numerous studies. Their findings prove that lockdowns have done more harm than good. And their consequences will manifest themselves for many years to come.

The latest study by the University of Hesse shows that in Germany the number of suicide attempts among the younger generation, during the second isolation, has tripled. Christian Don-Swanke, a pediatrician and resuscitator, tells Bild newspaper that the researchers looked at the medical histories of children from 27 pediatric intensive care units across the country:

“We had about 500 cases from mid-March to the end of May 2021, which is about three times more compared to the same period in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Children and adolescents usually end up in intensive care for taking too many pills to commit suicide. “

He emphasized that approximately 5% of such cases end in death, but most patients manage to be helped. Donna-Swanke says the investigation was driven by the increase in the number of cases in his own clinic, already during the first isolation. He contacted colleagues from other intensive care units for children and thus began to study the negative impact of the pandemic on children and adolescents.

A similar study was carried out by Andreas Roberg, head of the children’s clinic in Lower Saxony. He noted that lockdowns act as catalysts for psychological problems, especially in children:

“We already see that the psychological burden on children and young people is especially great. The victims usually suffer from, among other things, severe depression or phobias. “

Mr. Bild stressed back in October last year that, unfortunately, he expects an increase in the number of mentally ill children and adolescents in the future.

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