Police chase … more than 200 km long

More than 200 km were chased by Greek police cars, the driver of which, with a small child in his arms, tried to escape from them along the national road at a speed of 180 km / h.

It turned out that the car was driven by a trader with migrants from Syria. There were 4 Egyptians in the car, whom he threw away in the heat of escaping persecution, and a 4-year-old baby – the son of one of the migrants.

The incredible incident began at midnight Wednesday, on the Athens-Lamia highway, says lamiareport.gr.when police received a signal for a suspicious white car on the Aigini toll road. The driver of the car did not stop at the police signal, but instead stepped on the gas and developed a breakneck speed. Two OPKE vehicles began their pursuit. Further events developed as in a thriller.

Soon, a white car pulls off the highway in the direction of Eginio. At a speed of 70 km / h, the driver throws one of the passengers onto the road. The car passed the village and before entering the highway, the driver threw out the other three passengers. Then the police heard the driver’s words “baby, baby” and found that a small child was left inside.

During the chase, which lasted more than 200 km, the police forces of the directorates of Pieria, Larisa, Magnesia and Fthiotida were involved. In the Katerini area, the car left the highway and continued along the city streets, ignoring the red signals of traffic lights. The chase was joined by a patrol car from the Katerini Police Department.

After passing the city, the white car again finds itself on the highway and moves in the direction of Lamia. Police cars continue to be pursued, but law enforcement officers do not record the events for fear of harming the baby. Meanwhile, the driver of the pursued car thinks least of all about the safety of someone else’s child – he develops a speed of more than 180 km / h. As a result, he broke the toll station and smashed the windshield of his car, but continues to drive, holding the baby in his arms.

In the Pelasgia region, the OPKE Pieria cars ran out of fuel, the OPKE police Larisa and her colleagues from Fthiotida took over the baton, and the persecution continued. At the entrance to Fthiotida prefecture, the driver of the pursued car hit the car in front, but, despite the damage, continued to move.

Finally, driving through the Mavromandil toll roads, he left the national highway at the junction with the industrial zone and started on the old Lamia-Stilida road with a flat tire. This helped the patrol cars stop him at the entrance to Lamia Industrial Park.

A Syrian driver is detained by the OPKE Pieria police at the Almiros junction. He is to be taken to Katerini, but he has been diagnosed with a coronavirus and is being held in a special room in the hospital under guard.

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