Forecast and opinion of the pulmonologist Nikos Tsanakis

Pulmonology professor Nikos Tsanakis predicts: “The number of hospitalizations and intubations will increase, with a peak from 19 to 22 January – 55,000 cases.”

The professor claims that the peak in the incidence of coronavirus will occur between January 19. The increase in the number of hospitalizations observed today will continue, and after January 10-12, the number of intubated patients will also increase:

“The number of hospitalizations has increased significantly, as in the previous ten days the average number of hospitalized was about 316, and yesterday, on Wednesday, a record number of hospitalized was registered – 626”.

Nikos Tsanakis expressed concern this morning that the healthcare system will feel even more pressure in the coming days due to the rapid spread of the Omicron strain. He says:

“Schools cannot be opened these days. But since this is a committee decision, everyone must apply the protocols and safeguards. ”

According to the professor’s prediction models, the peak of the mutation wave Omicron will fall on January 19-22, the moving average will be 55 thousand daily new cases.

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