September 22, 2023

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Record population decline in Greece is hushed up

Greece’s record population decline in peacetime is under a veil of secrecy. If the data is correct, then the human losses in the country are comparable to those during a large-scale war!

Back in January last year, everyone was shocked by the impartial statistics, which showed the largest decline in the population of Greece for the entire period of its conduct. In just 12 months, the population of the country has declined by a number of people comparable to the population of a city like Lamia.

Official figures from the United Nations, which were released, recorded a record 0.48% decline in the Greek population. To assess the scale of the disaster – in 2020 50 401 Greeks passed away!

However, the government noted not only indifference, but also coordinated efforts to cover up the modern Greek tragedy, in order to avoid political costs. As a result, a decrease in the population will be recorded in 2021, which now refers to a coordinated genocide. At the same time, on the contrary, Turkey is experiencing rapid population growth of 900,000.

According to UN data, at the moment the population of Greece is 10 347 000 people, while at the end of 2020 this figure was 10 423 054. That is, we are talking about a decrease in the population by about 76 000 people!

However, the data provided by ELSTAT is different. Although they also record a huge decline in the population – by 45 902 people. But the service adds a “positive balance” of immigration, which is 6384 people, resulting in a population decline of 0.37%.

Now it remains to think which of them is cunning: either the UN presents incorrect information, or ELSTAT. However, in any case, it is obvious – the Greek genocide is a fact. And the state must set itself the main goal – the survival of the Greek nation. Everything else is secondary. Otherwise, it will achieve what neither the Romans, nor the Persians, nor the Ottomans, nor the Germans could achieve, writes

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