Protests in Kazakhstan continue – news for this hour

As the news portal reports today, protesters in Alma-Ata broke into the building of the city administration. Those gathered are armed with fittings, sticks and shields.

The national company “Kazakhstan Railways” canceled the departure of a number of passenger trains due to the introduction of a state of emergency in three regions of the country due to protests. The press service of the company reports today:

“Due to the introduction of a state of emergency on the night of January 4-5, the passengers of 14 trains were not delivered to their destination. At the moment, trains are temporarily located at junction stations. Passengers are provided with food and water. Travel documents (tickets) are returned without deduction, with payment of the full cost “.

On the morning of January 5, the movement of 46 freight trains was suspended. TASS… They promise to resume it after the situation normalizes. The company “Kazakhstan Railways” recommended that citizens refrain from traveling for the time being.

The buildings of about 300 enterprises were damaged as a result of ongoing protests in Almaty, reported today:

“During the riots in Almaty, 33 special vehicles were burned and destroyed, including 16 police officers, seven ambulances, two fire engines, seven trucks and one fuel tanker. Two modular police posts were also burned. About 300 enterprises were damaged, including 120 shops. more than 100 offices and 80 catering facilities “.

The riots in the city continue. Judging by the videos published on social networks, clashes between protesters and law enforcement officers have resumed in Alma-Ata, and explosions of stun grenades are heard. Now there is information that the protesters are storming the building of the city administration. Official information about this has not yet been reported. TASS interlocutors say:

“From the side of the square one can hear the sounds of stun grenades, very loudly and often. They say there are a lot of people who have come to storm the administrative buildings. They are storming the akimat. Young people with sticks and reinforcement bars are pulling up from different streets, security forces are all around, clashes, pogroms. Shops today does not work”.

The forces of the National Guard are gathering in the city center. The number of protesters continues to grow. This morning the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev dismissed the government, which he considers to be the main culprit in creating the protest situation. He noted that after the introduction of the state of emergency, the situation in Alma-Ata and the Mangistau region is gradually improving. But, as you can see, the desired does not correspond to reality a little.

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