December 1, 2023

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Fraud: under the pretext of … a package "snatched away" the victim has 20 thousand euros

Another case of online fraud occurred in Crete, the victim of which was a 68-year-old woman.

An elderly lady, a resident of the municipality of Festus in Crete, has become a victim of scammers. According to, she communicated with the man through a well-known social media platform. In a complaint that the woman lodged with the police station, she described how the perpetrator convinced her to transfer a huge amount of money to him.

The man managed to convince the elderly lady that he was sending her a personal parcel, and for this he needed to lend him 20,000 euros (transfer to a bank account). The woman agreed and waited for the surprise package, but the mail, of course, never arrived. So the lady went to the police and reported the situation.

This is another case of online fraud, so citizens need to be extra careful, police said.

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