In the new 2022 taxpayers "sigh"

The total package, planned by the Ministry of Finance and reflected in the budget, will exceed 2 billion euros, and the goal is for every taxpayer to see that his own family budget benefits from some tax cuts.

The package concerns private sector workers, who this year will continue to benefit from the suspension of special solidarity contributions and the extension of the reduction in insurance premiums.

The finance staff intends to make ENFIA, which is expected to be introduced in 2022, easier, or at least without a new weight for most owners.

Tax incentives will continue to be applied when accounting for electronic receipts (transactions, payments) submitted by the taxpayer. Checks from some professional directions (doctors, lawyers, plumbers) will be “more expensive” than anything else.

The “profit” of every citizen does not end there, since some of the provisions introduced from the beginning of the year by the tax inspectorate will turn out to be very favorable for taxpayers.

Among the tax benefits that will bring in 2022 are the following:

ENFIA: revaluation of properties with an increase in many areas, but also a new ENFIA to eliminate the increase and correct inequities in tax assessment. It is taken for granted that in the new ENFIA the additional tax will be included in the main one in order to limit the increase for property owners who will see an increase in the objective prices for their own homes from January 1. The end result of the new ENFIA is the government’s intention to lower taxes for most owners.

However, those whose properties are located in an area where the new valuation has become very high, and especially those owners who have properties in areas that have entered the objective price system for the first time, will not avoid an increase. According to the announcements, tax payments will begin at the end of March, and approximately 6.3 million property owners will be able to pay ENFIA in 10 or 12 monthly installments for the first time.

“Cancellation” of the solidarity contribution – maintaining a 3-point reduction in insurance premiums for the private sector. This is a measure that has brought significant relief to millions of employees and will continue in 2022. The profit from the “freeze” of the solidarity contribution reaches 2,771 euros per year for highly paid individuals.

Additional tax deduction with e-receipts: taxpayers will have to “collect” by electronic means of payment for certain professional sectors amounts of up to € 5,000 per year, i.e. 30% of their expenses so that they can be deducted from taxable income.

The list of professions covered by the measure includes:

plumbers, electricians, painters, air conditioner repair and maintenance workers, architects, lawyers, funeral service bureaus, personal care workers and nurses (at home, caregivers), cleaning and maintenance services, caring for children ( babysitting), limousine rental bureaus, laundries, yacht rental services, consulting services, photographers, sports services (trainers, gyms), dance schools.

At the same time, the annual expenses of each individual for visits to doctors, dentists and veterinarians, as well as for examinations in private diagnostic centers and for other medical services, except for the purchase of drugs and hospitalization, will be multiplied 100 times so that the taxpayer can cover 30% of the annual real income electronic transactions.

New Tax Return: To encourage taxpayers to increase their online transactions, the process will be “rewarded” by distributing up to € 50,000 per month to particularly fortunate citizens.

An even larger amount is expected to be given out of Christmas gifts with a super-drawing of the state check lottery, with a prize fund of 100,000 euros. According to the promoted changes, every month 500 lucky people will win from 1000 euros, 70 – from 5000 euros, 5 – from 20 000 euros, and the super lucky taxpayer will be able to win 50 000 euros.

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