February 3, 2023

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Execution in Moskhato – video from the scene of the murder

An investigation by EL.AS continues to establish the whereabouts of the criminals who cold-bloodedly executed a 41-year-old Georgian in Moskhato in front of a 5-year-old child and wife.

According to MEGA, this is the settling of accounts related to conflicts within the Georgian mafia and, in particular, with the problems of money laundering. Yesterday, our publication reported that a shot in the head was killed Shota Tevdoradze, 41, is one of the leaders of the Kutaisi thieves’ diaspora, known in certain circles as Shotiko. His wife and minor son witnessed the crime. At the scene of the murder, the police found four 7.65 mm rounds. A video filmed after the murder near the house on Taxiarkhon street 31 was published.

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