Channel in Kabul has become “high-degree”

The Afghan Taliban poured 3,000 liters of smuggled alcohol into the Kabul canal.

As announced yesterday, the Taliban secret service seized approximately three thousand liters of smuggled alcohol, which was poured into the Kabul canal:

“Muslims should refrain from the production and sale of alcohol.”

The new Islamist regime bans and punishes the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages to the fullest extent. According to APE-MPE, the operation to locate and seize alcohol was carried out in one of the districts of the Afghan capital. Three people were arrested, and the confiscated property was destroyed. The General Directorate of Intelligence has published a video footage of the emptying of huge barrels in the waters of the canal.

In principle, both the sale and consumption of alcohol in Afghanistan was officially prohibited even under the former government, supported by the West. But the Taliban, known for their fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law, have stepped up their crackdown since their seizure of power in the country in mid-August last year.

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