An Italian will not be able to wield a hand due to vaccination

The actions of the Italian antivaxer during vaccination led to unexpected consequences.

A man from Bologna, Italy had to be vaccinated “in order to continue working.” He tightened his pricked arm with a hemostatic rubber band, “so that the vaccine would not get” into the body. The consequences were sad.

Two days later, a vaccine denier had to Seek medical attention because a blocked artery has impaired circulation. The doctor at the clinic in the Lugo area says:

“The patient underwent surgery, but unfortunately the ability to use his upper limb cannot be fully restored.”

Earlier, our publication told how an Italian who signed up for the vaccination sincerely hoped that he would be able to get a coronavirus vaccine in artificial hand… Its open area was visually very similar to the real one, nevertheless, the medical worker suspected deception and asked to open her hand completely. The exposed fraudster tried to settle the dispute peacefully, but despite his requests, the nurse called the police.

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