The bank’s mistake on Christmas brought a gift to its users in the form of 155 million euros

Santander Bank in the United Kingdom is trying to recover a total of 155 million euros, mistakenly transferred to tens of thousands of bank account holders at Christmas. But this is unlikely to work out in full.

Approximately 75,000 people and companies, when taking deposits from 2,000 corporate bank accounts, were paid twice in the form of a surprise bonus at Christmas. The bank said it was a planning error. At the same time, erroneous payments did not affect other customers, as they were made from the bank reserve.

Instead of celebrating the New Year, the bank is now in the process of refunding the amount paid by mistake. It is complicated by the fact that part of the money was transferred to the accounts of other banking institutions. They, in principle, can return them, but have already expressed concern about the withdrawal from the accounts of money that has already been spent.

Nevertheless, some amount was returned. True, not all. The bank’s management even approached the account holders with a request to return the extra money. At the same time, keeping in touch with the authorities in search of the best way to recover the lost amount.

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