2022 kicked off with lower mobile phone fees

From the first day of the new year, there is a cancellation of mobile communication charges for persons under the age of 29. In addition, the fee is reduced by 10% for individuals over 30 years old and businesses.

The residents of Greece will face the year 2022 with cheaper mobile bills. The reduction of the fee by 10% will take place automatically, and in order to cancel the fee, the provision concerning persons aged 15 to 29 years, the beneficiaries must make a corresponding statement in the registry (Μητρώο Αιτήσεων Δικαιούχων Απαλλαγής Τελών Κινετ Τητρώο

Recall that the surcharge for mobile communications (to the state treasury) was first introduced in 2009, which until today, excluding VAT, was calculated as follows:

12% for invoice amount up to 50 euros, 15% for invoice amount from 50.01 to 100 euro, 18% for invoice amount from 100.01 to 150 euro, 20% for invoice amount from 150 euro.

New provisions

Mobile communication fees charged to subscribers by mobile communication companies, calculated before VAT, are reduced by 10% (monthly).

The fee for mobile communications for individuals aged 15 to 29 has been canceled. The regulation applies to those who have reached the age of fourteen during each year of filing an application and by 31 December they have not reached the age of 30.

The exemption from mobile phone charges applies to one phone number per recipient. The application is made via gov.gr with the TAXISnet codes. If this is a minor beneficiary, a parent or guardian submits an application on his behalf.

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