Telephone conversations between Putin and Biden

Yesterday evening, a telephone conversation took place between the presidents of the two powers – Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. It lasted approximately 50 minutes.

Aide to the Russian president, Yuri Ushakov, called it an “important action” and revealed some of the nuances of the conversation:

“We, in principle, are satisfied with the contact, the talks held today, because they were frank, meaningful, concrete. And I could say that in general the direction of this conversation was quite constructive.”

He noted that the United States has shown a desire to understand the position of Russia, as set out in the documents on security assurances handed over by Moscow. Ushakov also stressed that both presidents are well prepared for constructive communication and plan to continue the dialogue after the New Year holidays:

“It was not a purely New Year’s Eve conversation, Christmastide gatherings. Exactly one day before the New Year, a truly important political action took place.”

Joe Biden mentioned in the conversation possible large-scale sanctions against Russia. However, Vladimir Putin warned in response that this would be a big mistake that could lead to a complete break in relations. He added that Moscow hopes this will not happen, Ushakov says:

“Our president emphasized that in this situation, which is rather complicated, we will behave the way the United States would behave if offensive weapons were deployed near the American borders. three tracks (bilateral talks in Geneva, Brussels through Russia and NATO and in Vienna through the OSCE), but the main thing is that we need a result, and we will strive for a result in the form of guaranteed security for Russia. “

The diplomat added that, according to Putin, Russia is ready to take into account “some considerations of the American side” and other Western states:

“But the main thing for us is not a compromise, but the main thing for us is to ensure ourselves the security guarantees that we urgently need. This is the meaning of our position. We will strive for this. Putin said that we attach great importance to the negotiations, but they should not turn into chatter We are not waiting for the contractual process itself, but for concrete results. “

Ushakov notes that the conversation between Biden and Putin was serious and substantive, and the contact was appropriate in connection with the upcoming diplomatic negotiations in early January:

“The leaders acknowledged that there will likely be areas where there will be significant progress, as well as areas where agreements may not be possible. But they agreed that the upcoming negotiations will define more precisely the contours of these categories. This is the essence of diplomacy, negotiations for this and exists”.

The parties discussed the need for de-escalation in Ukraine and US actions in the event of a deterioration in the situation. Biden, as the White House comments on the talks, threatened that the United States, together with allies and partners, would give a “decisive response” in the event of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. In this case, Washington will strengthen NATO forces and provide additional assistance to Kiev. RIA News

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