September 27, 2023

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South African Scientists’ Data on Omicron Strain Revealed

Scientists from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in South Africa and researchers from the University of Pretoria have uncovered data on deaths from infection with the Omicron strain.

With reference to scientific research data The telegraph reports that the mortality rate from the omicron variant of the coronavirus is 75% lower than with infection with previous strains.

The study analyzed data from patients hospitalized in the city of Tswane (Gauteng province), where it was first recorded Flash Omicron… Due to complications associated with it, 4.5% of patients died, compared with 21.3% of patients who died from previous variants of the coronavirus.

Another encouraging fact was established: less than 50% of hospitalized patients required oxygen therapy, compared with 99.5% for diseases with other strains. Intensive therapy was needed only for 1% of those infected with omicron, while in it needed 4.3% of patients with alpha and delta variants.

The period of hospitalization was also reduced – patients stayed in hospitals for an average of 4 days, and in previous waves of the disease this required at least almost 9 days. The publication cites the findings of scientists:

“In the city of Tswan, the first global epicenter of the omicron, the severity of the disease, the number of deaths and the length of hospital stay have decreased.”

The researchers suggest that very soon there will be a “complete separation of morbidity and mortality rates”, which will finally put an end to the pandemic and lead to an endemic phase.

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