Greece requests € 3.56 billion from the Recovery Fund

Greece on Wednesday formally submitted its first request for € 3.56 billion under the Greece 2.0 National Recovery and Resilience Plan after meeting all relative benchmarks and targets.

The 15 benchmarks and targets agreed with the EU include, inter alia, preparing for lending to businesses by banks, creating a legal framework to promote the transition to a green environment, reforming the labor market, health, business, transport and taxation, and infrastructure development in civil sphere. protection and justice.

This tranche will represent € 1.72 billion in grants from the Recovery Fund and € 1.84 billion in loans.

Greece was one of the first countries to request a payment. In early August, it received advance payments of 3.96 billion euros (2.31 billion in subsidies and 1.65 billion in loans).

PS Well, the reason for the deceit with tests and mass prohibitions was found out.

“Money is to blame for everything – this invisible and all-destructive poison, corroding souls and at the same time cementing society” …

PPS Today Greece government debt counter exceeded 600 billion US dollars, 206% of GDP.

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