“Delicious” TV was invented in Japan

Watching TV shows, you can get a taste of the food shown in them, just … by licking the screen.

The novelty was invented by the Japanese scientist Meiji Miyashita, according to Reuters. A special screen is capable of conveying the taste of the displayed dishes and invites you to taste them by licking your tongue at the moment of display.

The inventors of the invention of Taste the TV (taste the TV) were a professor from Tokyo and his 30 students. If after the taste sensations the appetite has flared up, you can order the dish you like and enjoy it in reality. The professor explains:

“Our challenge is to make it possible for people to experience the experience of having dinner at a restaurant on the other side of the world while staying at home.”

The essence of the innovative technology is to place ten containers with liquid fragrances inside the TV. At the moment of showing the “edible” plot on the screen, the liquid is sprayed in the required combination. Then the resulting mixture is fed onto a hygienic film that covers the TV screen.

The cost of a tasty novelty after entering the market, according to the scientist, will be approximately $ 875.

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