Visual manifestations of the omicron strain

A symptom of the omicron-strain mutation that is visible on the skin has been named, according to the Daily Express, citing the ZOE COVID Study.

After examining the application data, the publication writes about a skin rash, which may indicate the presence of an omicron strain:

“In different patients, the redness on the skin differs from each other. Someone complained of severe itching, while others, on the contrary, noted that the swelling does not bother in any way.”

The article clarifies that the rash often appears in the early stages of infection, and can also persist for a long time. ZOE COVID Study is an app developed by the medical company ZOE in collaboration with scientists and doctors from UK universities and medical institutions. In it, every person who has officially confirmed the omicron variant of the coronavirus can voluntarily describe their symptoms.

According to the analysis of the application data, the number of cases of omicron infection has increased in Britain, in which the symptoms are similar to the manifestations of a common cold – dry cough, nasal congestion, muscle soreness. Professor Tim Spector, Lead Researcher for the ZOE App, calls for a PCR test to be done when symptoms of colds appear. RIA News

British physician David Lloyd said that minors may develop an “unusual” rash when infected with the omicron coronavirus strain. About the features of infection children Svetlana Larionova, the deputy head physician for the medical department of the Russian regional children’s hospital, also spoke.

Previously, our publication wrote how to conduct an initial self-diagnosis, knowing the characteristic flu, cold and omicron symptoms– variations of the coronavirus.

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