UK: assassination attempt on queen prevented

A 19-year-old Indian Sikh who wanted to kill Queen Elizabeth II was detained in Great Britain.

The man who penetrated the territory of Windsor Castle and the detained man spoke about his desire to kill Elizabeth II, reports The Sun. Darth Jones, an Indian Sikh, sent a video to his friends on Snapchat before carrying out his plan. In it, he said that he would kill Elizabeth II in revenge for the Amritsar massacre, which took place on April 13, 1919. Then a peaceful demonstration of Hindus who opposed the rule of the crown in the city of Amritsar, Punjabbritan state, was brutally shot by the colonial troops.

This is Jaswant Singh Chail who was arrested at Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow.

He said he planned to assassinate the Queen in revenge for 1919 Amritsar massacre & also for people discriminated against because of their race

– LilMems (@LiliMems) December 26, 2021

In the video, which was at the disposal of the tabloid The sun, a young man in a mask in a distorted voice speaks of his desire to kill the monarch:

“I’m sorry. I am sorry for what I did and what I am about to do. I will try to kill Queen Elizabeth. It is also revenge for those who have been killed, humiliated, and racially oppressed. I am an Indian Sikh. My name was Jaswant Sing Chali, my name is Darth Jones. “

Earlier it was reported that a man armed with a crossbow entered the territory of Windsor Castle, where Elizabeth II celebrated Christmas with loved ones. However, he was unable to enter any of the buildings and was detained by the police. Darth Jones was taken into custody and then placed in a psychiatric clinic.

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