Minors – "hens laying golden eggs"

Four women arrested in the center and periphery of Patras and charged with human trafficking have turned minors into a gold mine.

With babies and minor children under their care and protection, they mercilessly exploited them. According to the publication pelop.gr, they were arrested at the same time in different parts of the center and in the vicinity of the city by police officers of the Department for Foreigners (Patras), as they turned begging into a profession and, as it turned out, quite lucrative.

In total, seven minors were found with them, including a 9-month-old (!) Child. The oldest is 7 years old. 4200 euros were found in the streets of those begging for alms – the amount received from alms made by compassionate citizens.

The investigation revealed that four Bulgarians aged 22, 28, 32 and 44, accused of human trafficking, have appeared in the city recently, since the beginning of December. Every day, from morning to evening, they “worked”, preferring places near churches. They left the elders to beg, while they themselves sat, holding the babies in their arms, evoking pity and compassion.

The children taken from the “enterprising” citizens were handed over to the staff of the “Smile of a Child” Association. After undergoing preventive medical examinations, they will be transferred to a juvenile care institution (shelter).

The arrested “mothers” who exploit children will be taken to the Patras prosecutor today.

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