Greeks criticize the mayor of Athens for a 17-minute speech by Sakis Rouvas without an audience for 215,000 euros

The Mayor of Athens spent € 217,000 on a 17-minute New Year’s performance by Greek singer Sakis Rouvas, which will take place without an audience on Lycabettus in the center of the capital.

The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, and how reportedly The grand event includes the installation of a stage with velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers and hundreds of festive lights.

The municipality declines to provide any explanation regarding the amount and size of the popular artist’s fee. The announcement of the concert and that a lot of government money would be spent sparked outrage on social media, as expected.

Dozens of Greek Internet Users condemn the mayor for “spending public money” on a concert without an audience, while the citizens of the Greek capital are going through difficult times due to high prices for energy and food.

“This is the amount that an intensive care physician earns in ten years,” wrote one doctor at a public hospital in Athens, while another noted that “this is money for 700,000 KN95 masks.”

Για τους λάτρεις της στατιστικής τα λεφτά που θα δώσει ο Δήμος Αθηναίων για το 17λεπτο χάπενινγκ μετον Σάκαι υτουτον

– PG Papanikolaou (@PGPapanikolaou) December 23, 2021

Others violently attack the habit of embezzling public spending by members of the so-called “holy family” of Greek politics, as the mayor is the nephew of Prime Minister Mitsotakis and the son of New Democracy MP and former foreign minister Bakoyanis.

# Ρουβας # μπακογιαννης

Για να καταλαβετε λιγο το μεγεθος της αμοιβης

H περιουσια του Μικ Τζαγκερ αυξανεται κατα 1.85 δολλαριο το δευτερολεπτο

Ο Ρουβας θα πληρωθει 213 ευρο το δευτερολεπτο στην συναυλια

– MarkOne (@ MarkOneN0d) December 23, 2021

The former pop star, 49-year-old Sakis Rouvas, has also been the target of derisive comments due to his friendship with New Democracy government leaders. The author of the tweet caustically pointed out that Mick Jagger’s salary is $ 1.85 per second, while Rouvas will be paid 213 euros per second at the concert.

Γιατι δεν βαζει το Ρουβα σε ενα κάρρο να τον περιφερει στους δρομους και ο κοσμος να του πεταει διφραγκα?
Θα ‘χε πλακα

– News & Lulz (@sav_gr) December 23, 2021

Another commentator suggested that the mayor put Rouvas “on a cart and take him through the streets of Athens while people are throwing 2 euro coins.”

Popular hashtags: # μπακογιαννης , # Ρουβας

Meanwhile, many Greeks speculate that the event will be canceled due to social pressure.

PS It should be noted that this amount looks like a penny in comparison with the next series of scam for the reconstruction of the center of Athens called “Great walk“, for which more than 4 million euros have already been allocated, and the result was a couple of dozen flowerpots with trees and flowers.

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